As a student of psychology I have written several academic papers in different topics of psychology. These are published under the this tab and are pitched at a scholarly level, but should be accessible to all who are interested.

  1. Do nightmares have a function?
  2. Are identity lineups fair? 
  3. Interpreters in mental health
  4. A neuropsychological perspective on the mind-body debate
  5. Narratives of sleeping problems
  6. Is ADHD really a childhood epidemic sweeping schools and how should we really understand the high prevalence rates of ADHD?
  7. Does mental illness exist?
  8. In the “selfie” age, does narcissism reach epidemic proportions?
  9. Gender role formation in childhood play
  10. A profile of Alzheimer’s Disease
  11. Is ADHD real or not?
  12. Police work and trauma
  13. Semantic and phonemic encoding and its effect on memory and recall
  14. The link between autism and social anxiety
  15. The effect of alcohol on driving and raising the legal drinking age
  16. Visual scans and background-feature segregation
  17. Making false memories

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